Pizzerias with delivery service – The own delivery service shop

//Pizzerias with delivery service – The own delivery service shop
If you own a pizzeria, you can count yourself lucky – Italian cuisine is more popular than ever before. Whether as a snack in between or as an extensive family dinner – a pizza is always a good meal.
Delivery services offer the advantage for the customer to order dishes from home and the delivery service generates additional sales. Pizzerias with delivery service are often no longer dependent on walk-in customers. Nevertheless, the challenge of online presence arises and it is imperative to use additional modern distribution channels. Although many pizza chefs have their own homepage, they do not have an own shop system and are therefore forced to offer their delivery service via the major delivery portals, which in turn demand high comissions. A worthwhile business? Certainly, the delivery portals generate additional customers, but the third-party commissions also reduce own profits.

The alternative – an own shop delivery service

It is not surprising that many chefs secretly dream of their own shop system, where they can offer Pizza & Co. to hungry customers. Only few people can imagine though that a pizzeria can be carried by its own shop system. However, the idea is not devious, because fortunately there are providers who transpose exactly that – they make the dream of every delivery service chef possible. End-customers have the opportunity to pick out their favorite dish on the mobile menu and then order quickly and easily, without having to make a detour via major portals. They save time and the order arrives faster at the delivery service, which can receive and bill the order without any commissions or deductions. order smart also offers an individualized app that can be purchased in combination with the website. The support of interfaces and POS systems is standard.

Advantages for the delivery services

The advantages of using your own shop system are obvious. The most attractive is the saving of the commissions – a chef who owns his own shop with a shop system, has to pay exactly 0,0% commission of his turnover to third parties. The more orders the delivery service receives, the more important gets this factor. With a shop system it is also easier to improve customer loyalty measures by implementing discount codes or individual customer approach, which is often not possible to realize through delivery portals. Another advantage is that there is no competition in your own shop system. The shop belongs entirely to the delivery service and shows in contrast to large portals exclusively its offer. Finally, news can be transmitted directly from the shop to the customer’s mobile phone via push messages.

Cost structure and payment

The cost structure is clear – for a lump sum, the delivery service gets the rights to use the shop and app, which it needs to process the orders. The owner does not have to pay commission fees because he is independent from now on. This means a huge increase in net profit, because when working with major portals, the commission per order is a cost factor that the delivery service has had to deduct from its profit. The payment is handled through the shop, for example by a direct connection of the shop system to the respective payment service providers. Alternatively, payment can be processed via app smart. The shop owner retains control over the payment transactions and is not dependent on transfers of third parties.


A separate shop system and the independence of large platforms are worthwhile for every pizza chef. The main argument is the savings on commissions, which, combined with greater freedom of action, increases profits. Customers are pleased about loyalty bonus promotions and the simple and fast order, because they no longer need to make detour via portals, but can order directly from their favorite supplier.


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